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Investment Visas in general

Investment visas have been around for decades, and are vehicles to bring foreign investment into the United States. Although there are various types of investment-related visas (E1 Treaty Trader Visas, E2 Treaty Investor Visas, EB5 Immigrant Investor Program Visas, and the E2 CNMI Investor Visas) the following represent the general commonalities of the investor related visas:

• First, investment visas were created to encourage foreign citizens to invest in the United States economy. Accordingly, the investment should consist of a real enterprise or a business that demonstrates a risk that that the foreign citizen is making with the investment. For example, mere investment in real estate does not in of itself demonstrate a risk in that foreign capital. However, capital infusion in an operating restaurant or a construction company exhibits real risk.

• Second, with the exception of EB5 Visas and E2 CNMI Investor Visas, which have minimal capital investment requirements, the other types of investment visas do not technically have a minimal capital investment requirement. However, the applicant has to demonstrate that the capital investment being made is substantial to support the business activity or business enterprise. For example a small restaurant would require less capital infusion than a department store. Thus the proposed capital investment should be able to support the type of business activity or enterprise that the investor will engage in.

• Third, one of the goals of investment visas is to create employment opportunities for United States citizens or permanent residents. As an alternative to creating employment opportunities, investment visas can also be used to preserve employment opportunities for United States citizens or permanent residents. Although investment visas provide the investor and their foreign employees with an opportunity to legitimately work in the United States, the creation of a business or the investment in a business is supposed to boost the local economy and increase or encourage employment opportunities for those who are already present in the United States.

Successful investment-visa applications can benefit the foreign investor and his or her family as well as the local economy. However, the applications for investment visas are highly technical. Thus, a consultation with an experienced immigration law attorney may prove helpful in this matter.



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