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American Life Development Company LLC
Henry Liebman or Jo Hwang
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270 S. Hanford St., Ste. 100, Seattle, WA 98134
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  1. Отельный и курортный бизнес
  2. Служба по строительству офисных зданий
  3. Розничные торговые центры
  4. Розничная торговля
  5. Отельный и курортный бизнес
  6. Служба по строительству офисных зданий
  7. Розничные торговые центры
  8. Розничная торговля
  1. Калифорния

American Life Development Company LLC

Initially, American Life Inc. and its principals relied on their own capital, borrowed funds and earnings to finance acquisitions and property improvements. Soon thereafter they began seeking U.S. and international investment, developing in the process a standard Limited Partnership format. Under this format, American Life Inc. acts as general partner with investors entering as legally protected limited partners. The management of American Life Inc. began investing in the Seattle area in 1974. Since its formation in 1996 the Company, or persons closely related to it, purchased or leased 20 prime warehouse properties in or nearby SODO and added significant value by converting what were low yielding warehouses into higher return, flexible office, hi-tech, retail and storage space. The Company now manages 20 acres within SODO representing approximately 9% of the limited portion of land available for private development and making American Life Inc. with its Partnership investors, one of the largest private holders of SODO real estate.