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California Consortium for Agricultural Export (CCAE)
Susan Spencer President
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333 South Grand Avenue, 25th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90071
Отрасли промышленности
  1. Сельское хозяйство (выращивание сельскохозяйственных культур и домашних животных)
  2. Промышленное производство
  3. Приобретение виноградников и винных погребов
  1. Калифорния
Консорциум сельскохозяйственного экспорта Калифорнии

Консорциум сельскохозяйственного экспорта Калифорнии

The California Consortium for Agricultural Export officially formed in 2002 after having received its Regional Center designation by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. The preparation, however, began in 1998 when the company founder committed to understanding the CIS' Investor Visa Pilot Program and applying for Regional Center status.

This commitment has translated into an understanding of the specific requirements for immigration within this category, the development of job- creation models that illustrate how jobs are preserved and created through Consortium business opportunities, and how business results will benefit the San Joaquin Valley economy. CCAE is currently offering a manufacturing business opportunity in which immigrant applicants may participate to meet the requirements for obtaining a United States permanent residency visa.

The Consortium is affiliated with several successful and long-standing San Joaquin Valley companies doing business in a variety of industries including commercial and residential real estate development and agricultural fertilizer manufacturing and sales. In total, these organizations have built over 1,000 structures in the state of California and have supplied fertilizer products to some of the most prestigious farming operations in the world. They are supported by a team of professionals with disciplines ranging from law and finance to operations and management. These professionals are well-educated, conscientious people who are dedicated to personal, corporate, and community success; attributes that have helped the companies earn a reputation for quality, efficiency, and reliability.