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CMB Export, LLC
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7819 42nd Street W. Rock Island, IL. 61201
Отрасли промышленности
  1. Реконструкция бывших военных баз
  2. Сотрудничество частных лиц с представителями государства, неприбыльные организации или другие социальные структуры
  3. АААААтттттдддооо
  4. Улучшение арендованного имущества, реконструкция промышленных объектов
  5. Разные виды услуг перевозчика
  6. Перевозка грузов, складирование
  7. U.S. Таможенные склады для хранения нерастаможенных товаров и экспертные услуги
  1. Калифорния

CMB Експорт, LLC

CMB, an acronym for “California Military Base” or “Closed Military Base”, strives to be the finest EB-5 Visa Regional Center program in the United States. CMB has achieved this by designing an EB-5 investor program that obtains the best possible outcome for all the parties involved. All parties involved in the CMB Regional Center transaction include the foreign national investor, the communities contained within the CMB Regional Center, U.S. workers, the federal, state and local governments, and all are enhanced by the work and actions of CMB.

CMB, by generating at least ten new American jobs per investor, creates an engine for economic development within each region of investment. In short, CMB aims to foster a “win-win” scenario for all parties involved. CMB realizes this “win-win” scenario by targeting those communities devastated by the tremendous job loss and economic stagnation due to the realignment and closure, “BRAC”, of military bases served by those communities. This targeting of high unemployment areas allows our foreign national investors the ability to place $500,000 in the investment instead of the higher statutory requirement of $1 million. CMB further achieves the mission by creating highly secure investment opportunities for EB-5 investors. Payback of all our investors funds becomes the responsibility of the government agencies that we provide the bridge loans to. Each of our investments relies on the ability of the Government Agency to pay us back. Even though this investment strategy is very secure it meets all legal requirements of being at risk while not being foolishly at risk. This method of investment generates a reasonable return, it generates the requisite jobs and it creates economic opportunities within our geographic scope thus increasing regional productivity. Our clients, the foreign national investors, are able to achieve the two main goals of their investment endeavor:  Their permanent visa (Green Card) and the return of their original investment.