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California Wineries & Vineyards, LLC Regional Center (CWVRC)
Natural Econometric LLC
Christina Lau, Chief Executive Manager
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177 Bovet Rd., Ste. 600 San Mateo, CA 94402
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  1. Приобретение виноградников и винных погребов
  1. Калифорния

Региональный Центр виноградников и винных погребов Калифорнии (CWVRC)

We are to raise up to $49 million for Napa Vineyards Fund for acquiring:

    vineyards/farmland and infrastructure that will produce wine grapes
    wineries (including troubled wineries)

We are seeking a limited number of accredited investors, as defined under SEC Regulation D, to participate in this Fund. We can accept up to 98 foreign investors – each will contribute $500,000 into this Fund that can bring good prospect of economic impact to Napa County and at the same time can gain permanent residency to the United States.

The Napa Vineyards Fund intends to promote job creation and economic growth through the following activities happening within Napa county:

    Wine or table grape growing, harvesting and processing
    Wine making, manufacturing and bottling

USCIS EB-5 Approved Regional Center California Wineries & Vineyards LLC RC - $500,000 investment green card is now accepting investor's inquiries.