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Dominion Mid-Atlantic Associate’s
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3900 Westerre Parkway Suite 300 Richmond VA 23 2333

Dominion Mid-Atlantic Associate’s

 The DMAA advantage is built from the combination of years of experience in commercial real estate development, location and a unique business model.  Our principles have decades of experience in commercial real estate development and operations and have award winning properties as examples of their high standards.

Virginia is centrally located on the eastern seaboard with world class ports, rail facilities and highway transportation corridors.
Median income in Virginia is 112% of the national average and unemployment is 25% lower than the national average. More than thirty percent of the nation’s population lives within 8 hours of Richmond. Finally, our business model is unique – we believe that the investor should have the opportunity to benefit from the investment.
Accordingly, our projects are investor owned. We specialize in identifying high potential properties, acquiring them and establishing a limited liability corporation that is member – the investor – owned.