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Capital Area Regional CenterTM (CARCTM) c/o Global Capital Markets Advisors
Michael R. Sears, John Tung, Michael Kolodner, Managing Principals
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1800 Diagonal Road, Suite 600 Alexandria, VA 22314
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Региональный Центр Capital Area (CARCTM) c/o Консультатны всемирных рынков капитала

Capitol Area Regional Center JOB Fund, LLC (CARc) was founded and is managed by Michael R. Sears and John Tung, a professional real estate investment advisor. On November 25, 2005 CARc was designated pursuant to Section 610 of the Appropriations Act of 1993 by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as a “regional center” to participate in the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Pilot Program within the capitol area regional center, a region within the area encompassing the legal boundaries of Washington, DC, the City of Alexandria, in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the four adjacent surrounding counties of Montgomery and Prince Georges in the state of Maryland, and Arlington and Fairfax Counties in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The primary mission of CARc is to sponsor institutional quality real estate investment programs that generate the creation of new jobs and spur economic activity within the Capitol Area Regional Center. The CARc regional center business plan and the documents relating to CARc Job Fund-I LLC were again reviewed by USCIS in March 2009, which reaffirmed its approval.  

CARc sponsored real estate Funds are formed for the purpose of making direct or indirect investments in one or more real estate projects to be newly developed and located within the Capitol Area Regional Center. They are offered privately to pre-qualified foreign investors (non- US citizens), particularly to those interested in participating in the EB-5 Pilot Program.  The primary investment objectives of the Funds are to generate attractive risk adjusted rates of return by investing in a diversified portfolio of projects located within the Capitol Area Regional Center, thereby providing eligible foreign investors with the opportunity to independently petition for and, if approved by the USCIS, receive a residency visa under the EB-5 Pilot Program. The EB-5 visa allows unrestricted residency and travel anywhere within the United States of America for the approved investor, their spouse and children who are under 21 years of age at the time their USCIS petition is submitted. 

Properties in which CARc sponsored Funds invest are selected by its Manager, Global Capital Markets Advisors, LLC (GCMA). All are selected with a view toward optimizing the Fund’s core investment and policy objectives and must be developed by experienced development teams having the skills and resources to successfully conceive, design, finance, build and market institutional quality real estate.

Pursuant to CARc's USCIS designation as a regional center, projects eligible for investment by CARc sponsored Funds may include commercial, residential, industrial, hospitality, or certain sports facilities and related infrastructure development, or mixed use Projects containing one or more of these elements.  GCMA has identified numerous investment opportunities within the Capitol Area Regional Center that it believes would meet our core investment objectives and, if successfully developed as planned, would provide more than sufficient jobs and economic benefits to allow qualified investors in a CARc sponsored Fund to meet that portion of the EB-5 Pilot Program requirements.

Core Investment Objectives

Our fundamental objective is to deploy the Fund's capital in a portfolio of institutional quality real estate investments in order to achieve a total rate of return comparable to or better than that available from similar investments within the regional marketplace, while also satisfying four core requirements:

  • Enhance value by investing only in projects expected to meet or exceed target total rate of return criteria
  • Invest Fund capital in projects located within the USCIS designated Capitol Area Regional Center
  • Meet or exceed the USCIS EB-5 Pilot Program’s job creation and economic impact requirements, and
  • Provide Fund investors with the detailed information and supporting documentation they will need to pursue their petitions for US residency visas for themselves and their eligible family members.

CARc sponsored Funds expect to achieve these goals by seeking to make privately negotiated investments in new projects located within the Capitol Area Regional Center, primarily by investing or otherwise co-venturing with experienced real estate development companies and entrepreneurs.

Investment Strategy

In reviewing investment opportunities, GCMA employs an investment management approach that permits it to focus on maximizing returns while minimizing downside  risks. They believe this investment strategy gives our Funds the flexibility to pursue the most attractive risk-adjusted investment opportunities available within the Capitol Area Regional Center and, subject to our core objective of meeting or exceeding the EB-5 Pilot Program requirements, to enter and exit the market as economic conditions change.


Key elements of this strategy include (1) constructing an investment portfolio diversified by asset type, location within the Capitol Area Regional Center, and risk-return profile; (2) focusing on institutional quality late stage investment opportunities with solid community support and strong market feasibility; (3) pursuing privately negotiated transactions with seasoned development partners having successful track records; (4) assuring the active participation of GCMA's Principals in all phases of the investment process; and (5) leveraging its relationships with local governmental officials, community leaders and proven real estate professionals, entrepreneurs and operating companies to achieve our investment goals.