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DC Regional Center
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1776 I Street, NW 9th Floor Washington, D.C. 20006
Отрасли промышленности
  1. Коммерция, развитие и управление розничной торговлей имущества
  2. Отельный и курортный бизнес
  3. Производство альтернативных видов топлива
  4. Медицинские услуги
  5. Развитие медицинских учреждений
  6. Служба по строительству офисных зданий
  7. Розничные торговые центры
  8. Перевозка грузов, складирование
  1. Округ Колумбия
  2. Мэриленд
  3. Виргиния

EB-5 Америка/ DC Региональный центр

In April 2008 the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) formally designated our organization as the "DC Regional Center" pursuant to the EB-5 immigrant visa program.

We have an outstanding record of success — including a multi-year collaboration with the State of Vermont's Regional Center. Our foreign entrepreneurs, from more than 20 countries, have created or preserved hundreds of jobs for America workers. In exchange these entrepreneurs and their family have received residency in America.

The EB-5 visa program has many street names, such as the "Entrepreneur" visa, the "Investor" visa and the "Job Creation" visa. Regardless of the name, however, Congress created this program with one goal — to encourage the infusion of foreign capital to benefit the U.S. economy and exchange U.S. legal residency for job creation benefiting America workers.

As a designated Regional Center, we are authorized to collect and distribute EB-5 visa program "job creation credits" (both direct and indirect) to participating foreign entrepreneurs supporting their immigrant visa requirements. Job creation credits are derived from our involvement in the development of large mixed-use real estate projects throughout Washington DC, including hotel, retail, industrial and other commercial developments.