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Northeast Ohio Regional Center
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(330) 263-5250
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542 E. Liberty St.., Wooster OH 44691
Отрасли промышленности
  1. Производство альтернативных видов топлива
  2. Улучшение арендованного имущества, реконструкция промышленных объектов
  3. Технические и биологические науки, создание информационных продуктов и развитие исследовательских центров
  1. Огайо

Региональный Центр Севоро-Восточной части Огайо

Welcome to the Northeast Ohio Regional Center (NORC).  We are an organization focused on job creation in our region through projects that are in whole or in part funded by foreign investors.  Our Congressional appointment and USCIS approval permits us to pursue opportunities in the following areas:



Agri-Business, Biotechnology, Technology transfer from universities, hospital related technology development, medical development and innovation



Alternative energy sources, energy conservation, and pollution reduction


Information Technology

Process improvements and advanced manufacturing techniques



Including commercial and other property development


Our territory includes the 16 contiguous counties in the Northeastern quadrant of Ohio, a rapidly growing region for innovation and redevelopment.


We have contracted with the utmost authorities on the EB5 program to assist us with helping developers and investors come together.